Thursday, January 18, 2007

I took this picture out my office window today. The ice on the tree is from the ice storm that happenned here on Monday so you can see we are still encased in ice here in NH several days later. As destructive as ice is, it is so beautiful on the trees. I need to get out and take some more images but it's in the single digits for temperature so being the weeny that I am I'll stay in my nice warm office.


  1. Ice encased trees are one of my favorite images.

  2. Hi Chris, the ice is beautiful, but sooo destructive at times. We are expecting more of it this weekend. Stay warm!

  3. Very pretty! We have a lot of that here in NY too!

  4. Great photo of the ice tree! Chris, I'm with you on the weanie. I'm such chicken droppings when it comes to the cold. Geez, single hit 27 on Wednesday and I was crying. You're far braver than I to face the single digits for those fab pictures.

  5. No snow or ice in Ohio so thanks for sharing the lovely picture of mother nature and God at work.

  6. The trees and shrubs always look so pretty with a dusting of snow or ice. Unfortunately the cold come with it.

  7. You have been tagged... just go to my blog for the rules.

  8. Hi Chris I am out of hibernation
    everytime I see green at the thrift I think of you now lol.
    Can't wait to see the new projects come to fruition and Congrats on the Gma news- we've had an ice storm here in TX too.... yuk yuk yuk lol


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