Monday, January 15, 2007

Color Inspiration

I am usually one who does not agonize much on paint colors for rooms like I know some of my friends do. I have friends who will buy many, many quarts of paint deciding on a color. I will take months to make a color decision but that's usually because I can't envision what I want out of the final project but once I've got a vision in my mind I'm off and running. I don't buy a lot of quarts during this process but it just takes me a while to get where I'm going. And that's where I found myself this past weekend.
My son and daughter in law are expecting their first baby in April-my first grandchild! So I have been wanting to paint and decorate, for the baby, my daughter's old bedroom that she's been out of for a couple of years since she got married but I have just not been able to figure out what to do. It was yellow, not a soft, nice yellow but a McDonald's arches, bright yellow that I have always hated but she picked it out as a teen and loved it. But I finally got my mind around the project and I am off and running.
My daughter was horrified that I was going to paint her room over so she wanted it to stay yellow and since we will not know if it is going to be a girl or a boy until it is born, yellow was fine with me. So I found a soft very pale yellow called Wicker Mat in Ralph Lauren paints which I love and use often. That is as far as I got. Then I found this fabric above and knew it would be perfect as part of the quilt I am making for the baby to use at my house so now I have a color palette to go with! I am going to use lots of reds and teals and soft yellows. I have several cottage accessories that will look good in there in these colors so I am dying to get started now. The room got painted yesterday and now it's on the the fun part of the actual decorating. I'll post pictures soon of the room and the quilt. I'm going to be a Grandma!!!!


  1. Congrats!! Have fun decorating your room -- can't go wrong with those RL colors *s*

  2. Congratulations, Chris! I know you are excited. The room sounds as if it will be perfect for a boy or girl!

  3. I like the colors you picked out, they are bright and cheerful. So happy that you will be a grandmother soon. It is wonderful....gram.

  4. How ownderful to be a grandmother! I know you are excited!
    The material is so pretty and sweet. RL makes the most delicious colors.
    You will have such fun decorating!


  5. Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. I love the fabric ~ looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished room.

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming grandma status. The room sounds perfect, can't wait to see. :)

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming "grandmotherhood"! I'm sure you are going to have a great time preparing for that gran-baby! Keep us updated on the progress of the room (and the baby :)


  8. Thats a lovely colour palette to work from, I love the design too. How exciting to be awaiting the arrival of a newborn, all the excitement without the pregnancy! x


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