Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Gray Camp

As I posted about before, my husband and I have bought a small lake camp. And despite the rainy week we have had this week so far, we have been able to enjoy the lake in recent weeks with some beautiful warm fall weather we have had here in NH, and this coming holiday weekend looks like another warm one so Woo Hoo! So here's some things we've been doing at camp.

My mother in law gave me a bunch of pictures recently and there were many of my husband as a child at his childhood camp. So I wanted to display them somehow at our camp without having to frame them all which seemed too formal for this little home. So I took an old door, stripped it, added eye hooks on the back, strung some twine in a criss cross pattern on the front, painted "camp" on top and clipped a bunch of pictures on it.

Here's a shot of another door I had for a previous project. Unfortunately the door I used for the picture project was missing the trim on the sides. I got these doors many, many years ago from a cousin of mine who ran a retreat house for the diocese locally. They were renovating the kitchen in the large building they were in and were throwing out these wonderful doors which horrified me at the time. I rescued a couple of them and have been hanging on to them ever since. I wish I could have rescued them all.

 I made a black board with the other door a couple of years ago.

And it's amazing what a little power washing will do for a neglected porch. This is the entrance of the camp and I think it makes a much better impression now, don't you?

And as for the question is a cottage, which is what I was calling it, or a camp, which is what my husband was calling it, it seems it has now settled into it's camp title.

As for me, I'll be on the porch. Note to self; got to get a sewing machine here.


  1. Great job repurposing those doors - they look great! and your camp looks wonderful!

  2. Your camp will soon be the envy of all on the lake!

    Since you're my sister I'm allowed to say that your amazing creativity and ability to tackle a project, make it lovely, and finish it, really piss me off. LOL. You've got it going on, and it's fantastic. Dad would be especially proud of you for saving those doors and using them so well!! Good job.

  3. Love,love,love the door that you made into a camp memory!! Love your view and yes! you will enjoy a sewing machine while looking at that awesome view!

  4. Oh, wow, the view from the porch... I want to move in! The door photo holder is very neat!

  5. What a wonderful idea for the rescued doors! :) You have a beautiful view from your porch--definitely have to have a sewing machine for the 'camp'.

  6. Looking good! Sitting on that porch looks so relaxing, which I know you need after all that hard work.

  7. I am sooooooo crashing your camp! Congratulations on your amazing new digs! Hope you're stocked with lots of marshmallows and fabric!

  8. Hi di hi

    You may be interested to know that in teh North Island of New Zealand your holiday home would be called a Bach (short for bachelor pad) and in the South Island it would be called a Crib.

    What name it is FAB!!


  9. What great ideas you've had for those doors. And I love the view from your porch. You'd certainly want to spend lots of time there.

  10. Your Camp is looking wonderful. Love that peaceful view.

  11. Quite a nice camp! A similar small camp (or cottage as we call it) came to us from his father. But it's more .. uh .. rustic than yours. Very rustic. Very.

    But it locates us in the lake and forest country of northern Wisconsin. We're on a back bay of a large lake at the very edge of the State line (Upper Penninsula of Michigan).

    We're be retiring up there, hopefully in a newly built cottage just up the hill from the rustic one.

    (I've already got a sewing machine up there!)


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