Monday, November 15, 2010

I am Not an Artist

I am not an artist. At least that's what my former boss used to tell me when I worked at a college art gallery. But I do like to create things besides my quilts so I'm going to show you my "restyled" art-a little something I made for the holidays.

So what do you get when you take a frame from a consignment store-$1.20...
Add a piece of beadboard, some Martha Stewart paint, and some letters that I collect (I found a box lot of assorted letters in Maine this past summer)....

And you get "restyled" art, at least that's what I'm calling it.

I think this frame is perfect with it's chippy, aligatored paint.

I have another frame that I paid $1.60 for that I have another idea for a Christmas "restyled" art object so I'll work on that this week.

So have you started your Christmas displays yet?


  1. Oh my gosh! How creative! You are an artist because that frame would have been in the trash if it was at my house. You did an amazing job! I would soooo hang that up in my house! I love it!

  2. Do NOT believe what that boss said. I am an art teacher and I know talent when I see it! (otherwise why would I be following your blog???)
    I think this is quite charming and creative and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

  3. What a great idea - you are so talented, I would have never even thought of doing that!!

  4. LOVE this. I can't believe someone would tell another person they weren't artistic. How cruel! I have just pulled out my xmas quilts and have them laying on the spare bed to relax and breathe before i start to hang them. But I'm waiting until Thanksgiving before I put them out. I can't wait!

  5. What a clever idea. I love that you collect old letters. Fun and different.

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  7. Good morning, and I, too, will join the others in saying how much I like your Noel. I like the circular quilting you did on the quilts too.

  8. No yet started...but I need a new vacation in your sweet New England to find so nice old letters! I love your Noel!

  9. I like it! In my opinion quilts are art and you are an artist. With that said, keep on creating and keep on showing your creativity to us all. We enjoy seeing it!
    Have a great creative day!

    Kay in Kansas

  10. Well, it certainly looks to me like art of a very special kind! Nice job. Your ability to start things and finish them with little fanfare and time amazes me.

  11. Having just had the excitement of our daughter's wedding, I have been trying not to think about Christmas!!
    Nice work there!

  12. all quilters are artists - don't let anyone tell you differently! and this sign just proves you are. Of course, we New Hampshire-ites are creative by nature anyway - it's the Yankee "restyling" in us.


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