Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back from Maine

I'm Back from a relaxing week in Maine. I was here.
Nice view huh? About 3 hours from our house in NH is this cottage which was hubby's grandparent's retirement home at one time. Now it's a place of rest and relaxation, sort of. I say sort of because when you own an old home there's always work to be done and this cottage needs a lot of work so vacations are usually working ones. But it was certainly nice to get away from the heat and humidity and enjoy glorious sea breezes every day. It has been a hot summer in New England and the sea breezes were a welcome respite. But my daughter and I managed to do some retail therapy in antique stores and this wonderful quilt shop.
I have always wanted to go here which is not far from the cottage so we set out one morning to make a pilgrimage. Alewives is one of the most wonderful quilt shops I have ever been to. The selection of fabrics is not what you'd find in most quilt shops. Lots of Japanese fabrics, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, and many other designers that are hard to find. Check out their online store if you can't visit in person. Sorry I have no pictures. I did not take one picture on vacation! What is up with that! I'll take some pictures this week of the few antique finds I managed to buy. So I'm back and on my last week of summer vacation-back to work in a week to the college where I am employed. Yuck-it cuts into my sewing time too much! 


  1. I need to go to maine, this humidity is too much for me. Is it better up in that area? I have never been to that shop, will have to keep it in mind. Would like to head up this month, will see.


  2. it is pictures like these that make me want to visit Maine all the more, someday I will get there. Glad you got to enjoy a little fabric shopping in the midst of your working vacation

  3. The quilts are beautiful that are hanging on the porch. Thank you for the link- I enjoyed going to look at the fabrics they had- some designers that I was not familiar.
    The fabrics were glorious.
    I love your calico cat too. My in laws had a cat named Tiffany that was a calico like yours. They loved her dearly.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  4. OH, that looks so inviting and its great that you have a place like that to escape to, even if you do have to do some work while there. The quilt shop looks great too.


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