Monday, October 22, 2012

Swoon Quilt Completed

I have finished my Swoon quilt and I love it. I used leftovers of favorite fabrics and colors and it went together beautifully. This is a fabulous pattern

I did make one minor adjustment to make it a little bigger to make it queen bed friendly. I added a one inch border made up of random sizes of scraps from the fabrics in the quilt, and finished it off with a  second two inch border of the background fabric. The original pattern calls for just the first two inch border to be the ending point.

It is back from my quilter, the binding has been sewed to the front so all that needs to be done is hand sewing the binding to the back. With a queen size that will take me a bit. So I better get a good movie or two and get stitching.


  1. Great idea for an extra border. This quilt really looks beautiful and your fabrics really make it charming. Lovely work!

  2. Oh, Chris, I love your version. I've been waiting anxiously for you to share it. Thank you so much.

  3. It is just BEAUTIFUL! The border is perfect.
    I think I need one......

  4. Wow I think you could probably take out the world record for the fastest Swoon Quilt!!! It loooks lovely.
    I have a swoon quilt on my bucket list - one day.



  5. I love what you did with the border; great idea! am so regretting only doing my Swoon as a wallhanging(4 blocks). I may have to give in and do a bedsized one.

  6. Ah Swoon makes me swoon it is so lovely. I just love the design and the colors. It's simply beautiful - great job!!

  7. Beautiful quilt ! I got the pattern a while ago.....(I was glad to see you used different backgrounds) you know how we need "permission" to do things. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful quilts. Have a great day !


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