Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quilting Bloggers are the Best!

I've been a follower for a while of Nichi at Quilty Cat. I love her colorful and creative quilts. Be sure to go on over and check out the awesome LOVE quilt she is working on. She visited New England this past summer and brought some New England coffee with her when she returned home to Italy. But she ran out and this is a post about it here. I saw the post and knew that I see that coffee everytime I'm in the grocery store so I offered to send her some and off it went to Italy. Then this past weekend a package arrived and this is what was in it. 
I was thrilled to find one of her quilts inside in her signature style. And with coffee cups-how clever! I adore the colors-some great Kaffe fabrics. And look on the back; 
A signature stamp! Gotta get me one of these. So thanks Nichi and as we all know, quilting bloggers are the best.


  1. Oh my! Look at that. What a great use of fabrics. Delightful. Charming. Love the stamp, too. Very neat.

  2. Ahh - the best of combinations: quilting and good coffee! You are a lucky lady, but then also a very kind and thoughtful one for the original gesture - what a lovely community I stumbled on and am just nestling into ... :)

  3. Great story involving two of my favorite things, quilting and coffee. What a sweet thank-you that you received, but then we know that quilters are the nicest people--you for offering to send the coffee and the adorable return gift from Nichi.

  4. I love it and especially love the story that brought this quilt to your door. The quilt signature stamp is very unique and cool, have never seen one.

  5. I like that stamp. what kind of ink does it use?

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I've just been looking at yours and love the quilts you have been working on. Great fabric choices and quilts that really sing.

    P.S. Love you banner caught the light perfectly!!

  7. I love the signature stamp! Could you tell me more about it? I'd love to have one....I put a label on each quilt I make. I have quilts that my great grandmothers made and I wish I had more information about each quilt so I try to put lots of information on mine...thanks!


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