Sunday, October 11, 2009


We went to Maine to check on our cottage before we turn it over to a winter tenant. It was a cool, crisp autumn day and it was a beautiful ride. It's a 3 hour ride from our home in NH so you have to enjoy the ride and who wouldn't with scenery like this. This is what our freeways look like. What do yours look like?

Here's our little cottage waiting for us.

The view is as spectacular as it was in summer. Just a few less leaves right now.

Here's the best climbing tree ever. I think it is so beautiful with it's leaves mostly off.

And the view from the kitchen sink isn't bad either.

So until next spring we say goodbye. I'm going to miss going up here until then.


  1. Your cottage is absolutely beautiful and I am truly envious! Do you ever rent it out during the summer? Sometime I'd really like to rent a place up there for 2-3 wks. and just spend time exploring. I've been ONCE to Maine and would dearly love to go again!

  2. Maine is one of my favorite places to go
    your so lucky to find a winter tenant although I would love to live in this cottage all year round!
    beautiful view.

  3. What a lovely place. The Doc would just love it; he has a place in his heart for Maine after being there many years ago while serving in the AF.

  4. I fantasize about having a retreat like your cottage! It is just charming.

  5. Why didn't you e-mail me those pictures?!? Much better than the squirrel shots....bleck!

  6. How cute is your cottage! I have never been up to Maine but I hear it is so pretty. On my list of places to visit while I am still sort of young:)

  7. Hi Chris what a wonderful weekend your cottage is beautiful and so is Maine you lucky gal you

  8. Your top pic looks just like some Michigan freeways. Also the water pics. Two beautiful states in fall.

  9. What a wonderful spot you have. We are looking forward to our first trip to Maine . . . . probably not until next year, though *s*

  10. I have enjoyed the views from your cottage as well this summer even if just through blog pictures you share. Something to look forward to through the long cold months ahead.

  11. Your cottage is just lovely. An idyllic setting.

  12. Chris, Your summer cottage is probably bigger than our house! I put a picture of a breath taking quilt on my blog, and of our house. I really want you to see this quilt!!! If you go tonight or morning tomorrow you will see it. If you go later than that look for post Our house and angel quilt. I think you will be glad you came to see it. Hugs, Fern

  13. That's it...I'm going with you next Spring! It's just wonderful...well, the warmer weather months. :-)

  14. Love the cottage setting.... and the fall colors were so pretty. Ours seem to be falling without changing much. Shame.

  15. Hi Chris
    I saw you over on Fern's blog.
    I thought I'd drop by to say hi.
    Your cottage and setting is breathtaking. I'm owned by a cat too. My blog is a mixed bag of Madi and about North Carolina...
    Madi and Mom


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