Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Putterin'

I'm still here just puttering around the house and getting out some fall decorations. I want to thank everyone who e-mailed me and checked on me after my recent surgery. I'm doing well and glad I went ahead with this surgery. As you can see, Oscar the cat also joined me on the resting routine on his own little love seat that he seems to have adopted as his own. He does look nice with the fall pillows behind him, doesn't he.

I just love the colors of fall and enjoy pulling out these colors into my home.

This is an older quilt I hand pieced and hand quilted many years ago.

I found this little homemade brown pedestal on the left below in Maine when I was there this summer. I love it. I just seem to llike pedestals!

I hope you all are enjoying fall. The colors in the trees are changing rapidly here and are so beautiful. It's chilly here today so it certainly feels like fall!


  1. Lovely pics! I love Autumn the best, the weather & the colours.

  2. Chris I am so jealous first let me say I am so glad you are feeling better. Second It's 85 here with such high humidity it feels like 90--ughhhhhhhhhhhh lol. Love your stools/ pedistals and I got my fall decorations out of the closet does that count for something?? lol

  3. I, too, love the colors of Fall. I'm behind on the decorating thing. Gotta climb into the closet under the stairs and dig out the boxes.

  4. Hi Chris,
    I love fall too! It has been 50s at night around here but still 85 to 90s in the day time. We think that is good. To be able to sleep under a blanket at night is wonderful.
    Glad you are feeling better!!
    Love ya, Fern

  5. Great pics! I love fall decorations, too. It's so warm and welcoming. Thanks for sharing. I like the wall quilt, too.

  6. Nothing like a kitty companion (or a puppy dog *s*) to speed you on to healing. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the fall and adding in the decs. It is my favorite time of year - and this year I get a real fall in the bargain1

  7. I did a little decorating this weekend too - fun to change out things and give a room a fresh look. I like your decorations - especially the pedestals!

  8. Well I love your decor and how Oscar is assisting, too. He does bring out the spectacular colors in the pillows - I agree.

    As for enjoying the fall season, well, shucks my friend it hasn't reached us here yet. It's still too hot for me to go outside yet. Had a couple cool days but that went away and we're back to summer. :<

  9. I love your little quilt. Stars are my favourite.


I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
A crown perhaps upon my head,
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