Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still Waiting

Still waiting for grandson #2 to arrive. We walked the mall yesterday and grandson #1 made a bear for his soon to arrive baby brother and a dog for himself at Build a Bear. All that walking did nothing to move things along except give me tired legs! But we had a fun day together.

So back to some quilting posting. Here is what I am working on here and there when I have a minute or two. I am using the Roman Holiday charms squares I had on hand to make the quilt on the cover of Heather Peterson's Charmed and Dangerous book which I love. I have always loved that quilt in the cover and didn't realize I had the same fabric in the charms until recently.
So a block here and there adds up to a quilt and I now have the blocks done and have 2 rows put together. I had to buy something different for borders so my border fabric is from the Glace line from Moda. Don't you just love anything Moda?

So slowly it will get done and hopefully we'll have to slow down again to cuddle a new grandson. Can't wait to meet him!


  1. Sending good thoughts your way for a healthy and happy arrival of your new grand baby! On the quilting front, I have that book too! I was just looking at it the other day and also love that cover quilt. On my list of to dos!

  2. I love Roman Holiday. It looks so great with Heather's pattern. I think I am going to have to find that book :-)

  3. Looks great. Hope your newest grandchild comes soon!

  4. Mmmm, alluring this one is. I've seen that pattern (book) a million times and passed it by. But in your hands, right in front of my screen, well, I feel different now. It looks fun!

    Little baby we are blowing kisses to you, waiting patiently ...and bless your mommy for all this extra carrying she's doing. Serious business there!

  5. Love Modas! Quilt looks great. New grandson will be here by the weekend! He'll probably be a guy who likes to do every thing in his own time. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours :)

  6. love this pattern too. i almost bought it last week and have to admit i am regretting it lol

  7. Love the quilt! The fabrics are wonderful. Looks like a really fun book.

    Hope #2 gets here soon!

  8. I so love anything Moda! Darn them for being so great, though! My budget goes out the window every time I go to a fabric store! :P It's so worth it... :)

  9. you should call your quilt "Anticipation"

  10. This is going to be absolutey beautiful! Love that!! WOW!!

  11. Hi Chris,
    I am not a pattern person. I like to do my on thing. I will follow a pattern but really don't like to.
    I hope you have wonderful news for us. That baby grandson has cone and you are just busy helping!
    Hugs Fern

  12. I just bought this book and LOVE the cover quilt. Now that I have seen your blocks I love it even more! Thank you!


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