Sunday, July 19, 2009

Since You Keep Asking....

For the sake of full disclosure here, I (stole) borrowed this picture from my daughter's blog. There is still no little brother here for grandson Carter so my daughter and I took a trip to my son and daughter in law's house last Friday, which is about 45 minutes north of us, to help out.
We all packed up and went bright and early on a beautiful NH summer day to the lake near DIL's house and had a wonderful time. As you can see, my 2 yo grandson loves the water and especially loves to splash. I was convinced at one point that my DIL was in labor as she was timing contractions! She has been having them for the past couple of weeks but they aren't regular and don't stick around. So we are still awaiting the baby's arrival. Thanks to everyone who asked. I am certainly anxious to meet the little one and hope we get to see him this week. But I'm certainly not as anxious as his parents I am sure. Update soon I hope.


  1. The little guy is waiting for Wednesday. Well even if it is Monday or Tuesday it will be so close we will always think of each other when the date comes years later, at least I will always think of you for sure. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Fern

  2. Its so much fun to watch the little ones play and explore. I have two two-year-old grandsons and they can be a real hoot at times. I pray all goes well and both mom and baby will be up and about soon.

  3. I love this picture! Hopefully you can take some today when he's at your house...and hopefully his little brother will come along today!!!

  4. Those little ones have an uncanny way of knowing just the right time to make an appearance *s*

  5. The lord is asking us to be really super-duper patient!


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