Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Quilt Ladder

Well, I'm of work for the summer from the college work I do and it's taking me some time to decompress from a very busy year, but I can feel my quilting mojo coming back and have a few projects in mind I want to start. First up is a little cleaning and organizing. I had a corner of my great room that was kind of empty and needed something and wanting to display some quilts and always wanting one of these quilt ladders I broke down and ordered one from here.
It'll be nice to rotate some quilts on this display that I haven't used in a while like the second one from the top which is an antique and too delicate to actually use on a bed.

It went together simply with these pegs-look Ma, I did it myself!
So hopefully I'll get going on actually sewing something here soon. I think I'm going to stop fondling my Amy Butler fabrics I've had for a while and making something with them. Stay tuned.


  1. Beautiful. The perfect symbol of your transition into a "new season" as well! Happy for YOU!

  2. I'm distracted by that glimpse of rug in the first photo. It looks so lovely and cheerful! Great ladder, though. I'll avoid the puns about any 'steps' you might be taking. (Ooops, that one slipped out.)

  3. Great ladder and a terrific way to display your quilts.

  4. It really does add something to the room your quilts are beautiful and the ladder really shows them off problem is I have no wall space to actually put one!!

  5. I love your ladder display, it looks great. Your guilts are just beautiful.
    Rebecca P

  6. That's a gorgeous ladder and looks great in your guest room.

  7. That is a wonderful piece! It makes such a beautiful and meaningful display! the perfect thing for your lovely home!

    Thank you for your sweet comments Chris. I know exactly what you are saying...and yup. Menopause DOES

    Your quilts are amazing. Yu have such a gift for this art form.

    Love to you,

  8. That's a wonderful ladder and a perfect way to display your quilts. Enjoy your summer off. Happy Quilting!

  9. absolutely love it. i've been after my dh to make me one for years, i may just have to order one lol

  10. What a beatiful way to display your quilts. I am going to have to show this picture to my hubby.

  11. Woo Hoo! Lucky you to be off work for the summer! That was one of the best things about teaching.


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