Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day a Little Late

I should have posted this a while ago but am just getting around to showing you one of my wonderful Mother's Day presents, this one from my daughter Caryl. She's a very talented young woman and one of her crafting specialties is card making. By the way I (stole) borrowed all these pictures from her blog which you should check out. In this wonderful box is a collection of cards.
But not just any cards. These are cards with a quilt theme.

Like a quilter she pieced this one with little pieces of different papers.
This one says, "May your bobbin always be full." That is a wonderful quote when you think about applying it to everything in life.
And this is my favorite. It says, "When life throws you scraps, make a quilt!"
So along with the gift card to a new restaurant My son and daughter in law gave me it was a very nice Mother's Day. My daughter's blog is Stamps and Stitches and if you wanted to purchase cards from her I'm sure she could put something together. By the way she is a first grade teacher so she is a busy girl, and along with taking care of her house and husband, she also works part time in a Hallmark store which is very ironic! Perhaps she'll put them out of business someday.


  1. Hallmark sells too much Vera Bradley for me to put them out of business...plus I've never bought Vera without a discount so I have to stay there!

    Love, your daughter

  2. You are so very fortunate and have every right to be proud of your daughter. Beautiful cards! Thank you for sharing her blog address with us. She is quite a talented young woman!

  3. Those are absolutely fantastic cards. She is very talented. I am going to pop on over and visit her blog now.

  4. Oh lucky you - what a fab gift. If it was mine I don't think I would use those cards - lol !

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful Mother's Day gift...Beautiful cards!

  6. What a wonderful gift - straihjt from your dear daughter's heart! The cards are so gorgeous and I know you are proud of them. ~Adrienne~

  7. Well I'd say Caryl's talent is indeed something special. Seems creativity doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

  8. what a wonderful gift and what a talented daughter!

  9. I can see the dilemma of having such beautiful cards! I could never send them away! This sure beats a new pan or toaster! Just beautiful. Kidos to your kind and thoughtful daughter!
    Mary Lou

  10. oh Chris they are awesome and thanks so much for showing them...talented ..runs in the family!!! she can put them in Hallmark for sure!


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