Friday, May 15, 2009

The Guest Poster

Hi, Carter here. I'm at Nya Nya and Ga's (a/k/a Chris and Mike's) house today. It was so nice out we went to the river nearby and walked on this boardwalk over the river. This is my action shot.
Then Ga and I had to check out the river.

On the other side there was a cow! Nya Nya and I liked it alot. Nya Nya said there used to be a meat packing plant here, whatever that is.
Then we got to go to a playground and play on all the slides and we took a walk on a trail around the pond at the park.
When we got home we picked some lilacs from Nya Nya's garden since it's finally warm weather here.
And now I need a nap from all this running! And Nya Nya and Ga do too!


  1. Oh Carter, what fun you've had. So kind of you to share with us. I love the action shot!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with us Carter, and the lilacs are just beautiful!


I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
A crown perhaps upon my head,
And a needle in my hand.