Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally Some Quilting

Way back in February I won some fabric from Heather Mulder Peterson which I posted about here. So using one of Heather's patterns I already had, I made this little table topper.
Then I tried my hand at a loopy free motion quilting design and quilted it on the old Singer I recently acquired.

I need some practice in speed control but it was surprisingly easy to do. I have a Bernina with the stitch regulator but I have never been able to master it. I think the problem is that the Bernina is too fast and the Singer is much slower. So I'm trying to get back in the sewing groove. I work at a college and this time of year is frantic but I'll be off soon for summer so there'll be more going on quilt wise. Next up is a baby quilt for my soon to be arriving second grandchild, another grandson. I can't wait!


  1. Well now, that is lovely work if I do say so myself!

  2. I love that table topper! I must learn to master the free motion quilting.

  3. It really looks terrific! What a great table topper.

  4. Beautiful work! And thanks for the NH travel advice! I'd love to get up there someday, and would much more prefer a quiet lake. Lakes and antiquing... that's my idea of what heaven should be like. :)

  5. I find that chewing gum helps me keep a rhythm . . . . as long as I don't bite my cheek *s*

  6. That is beautiful Chris!

    I'm sure you are looking forward to your summer vacation AND of course to your new grandchild!! I'm so happy for you!



  7. Oh that is so pretty. I love the fabric & the pattern. You did great on your quilting.
    congratulations on your new Grandchild.
    Rebecca P

  8. wow - I love the fabrics you put together. I'm just not that good with composition. And the quilt in the left corner of your banner is gorgeous!

    I'm glad you're back at sewing a little. I know what you mean about not having time....and it feels so good to sew!

  9. Love your table topper it is very pretty and you did a GREAT job quilting it!!!


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