Monday, July 28, 2008

Easily Distracted

I was easily distracted today. I fully intended to work on Return to Sender today but I got thinking about how I have to go back to work at the college I work at after having the summer off, and I decided I needed a new lunch bag. I got the pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop.

I had a bunch of Amy Butler prints on hand and I had to use a few of them because I did not have the right amount of any one fabric as suggested by the pattern. But I am on a stash busting journey so it works for me. It has lots of pockets inside for I don't know what. Maybe they're meant for chocolate bars!
In the meantime Return to Sender awaits and if I don't get distracted again I'll get back to it.


  1. Chris you are going to have the best lunch bag on the college campus. Love your Return to Sender.

  2. You're gonna be "stylin" when you go back to work. Don't know what you put in the pockets either, but they sure are cute.

    I work at a college as well - Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. Ever hear of us?

  3. What a great block for Return To Sender *s*

  4. Cute bag! The pockets are definitely for chocolate bars :)

  5. Hi Chris, I love the lunch bag and the pockets are definetly ment for chocolate bars. Warmest Regards Lyn

  6. Oh my but these are all so beautiful!I have been such a bad blogger this Summer so I am catching up with everyone now! I am now off to read more and see what you have been up to!



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