Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall Decorating Continued

Besides Christmas, I think fall is my favorite season to decorate for and after the last post I got some more fallish things out to put here and there. Remember when I got the hen below? I think it looks great on my table in my new family room.
I have a couple of these gourds made into pumkins so one is one my sideboard.And one is on my living room mantle with my scarecrow quilt which I made many years ago.
But after I looked at these pictures I decided the scale of the pumpkins was wrong where they were so I switched them! Just a typical day here-always switching things around.


  1. Love those fall decs. Usually I have mine out at the start of Sept. but I didn't have the heart to send Hubby to the top of the rafters in all the heat we were having. Maybe this weekend *s*

  2. Very pretty. Must be getting a few chilly mornings already up there?

  3. I love those gourd pumpkins and have a couple of them myself. They are so much fun to add to fall decorating. Cute


  4. very nice decorations! want to come to my house and decorate since you have talent?????

  5. Switching is half the fun, Chris! Everything is looking very fall like at your house~beautiful! I don't really have out much fall stuff, yet. Another week or two and I will.

  6. I love your little scarecrow quilt. I'm itching to get my fall decorations out too....maybe next week.

  7. How cute! I cant get over people decorating for different seasons.

  8. Your falls decorations are very beautiful indeed. I also like to decorate the house following the rhythm of the seasons :)))

  9. I love your little scarecrow wallhanging. And the quilted tablerunner is perfect for fall decorating!

  10. I'm so excited it's cooling down, fall and winter are the best time of year I think. Love your scarecrow quilt!

  11. Love the pumpkin gourds! I go to a fall festival every year that features decorated gourds...they are so pretty! Yours are so wonderful!

    Fall is my favorite time to decorate because I so love all the colors!

    The mug has arrived!! I am doing a thank you post which I hope to have up this afternoon! I so want you to know how much I appreciate it!!I will send a proper thank you soon...


  12. Hi...I'm here from Susie Q's...I just want to say that was the sweetest thing you did gifting the "royal" cup to her! She gifted me with 2 teacups when I first ever met her and I think she is a great blogger and friend!

    I have to say, I love fall in Blogland the best...all the nifty decor!

    I like your blog very much and if you don't mind I'm going to bookmark it for future visits!

  13. Love to watch you decorate! I have a scarecrow wallhanging on my blog that my sister made for me years ago. It's fun to see another one with different fabrics.


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