Friday, March 9, 2007

Old Suitcases

I'm still sick but I so enjoyed Kim's post about her train case that I thought I would post about one of the ones I have.This little case is in the nursery now and I'm sure I'll be staging lots of little treasures in it. But for now in it is a Yo-Yo doll my grandmother made for me when I was a little girl. The arms, legs and body is made up of fabric yo-yo's that are strung together. I absolutely treasure this doll. Crafts made of yo-yo's seem to be everywhere on the internet but I have one from long, long ago. I just won't tell you how long!

My grandmother was from Canada and spoke very little English so communication with her was hard for us kids but the one language we understood was her love of sewing. She made lots of crafts and quilts so I am lucky to still have these treasures. The little daisy oil painting is an amateur painting I picked up at a consignment shop a couple of weeks ago. I just think it is a happy cheerful painting and it reminds me that Spring is coming even though it was below zero this morning! They say it will be in the 40's tomorrow so time to break out the shorts! Wait a minute-I better not do that since I'm still sick. Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the yo-yo doll. What a great keepsake from your grandmother. Hope you are feeling better. The picture should keep you thinking of spring. And forget the shorts for awhile, okay? Get well soon!

  2. I have a couple of old suitcases laying around with things piled on top. Should think about opening them and putting something inside.

  3. The daisy oil painting is wonderful! It is very cheerful! And I love old suitcases.
    I love the treasures I inherited from my Grandma, too and will never part with them. We're very lucky to have such things in our possession.

  4. Love this so...hate that you still feel rotten.
    Feel better and oh how special that nursey is!! : )

  5. "My grandmother was from Canada and spoke very little English " Oh, I know exactly what you mean...I live within sight of Canada, so we have a lot of Canadians coming down here. I've found the language terribly difficult to pick up, but after years of retail I've finally figured out that 'serviette' means napkin. And if you end a sentence in 'eh' they'll accept you as a native =)

    Seriously, though, I love old suitcases as well! I like to tuck things like puzzles and games into them, then use them as side tables.


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