Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Easter Decorations

My Mom was a prolific sewer and crafter. One of the needlearts she was a master of was smocking. I posted at Christmas about the smocked ornaments she made. Well, she also made Easter eggs which I have proudly displayed in my home now.

I love looking at these every year. The detail is incredible. I was able to pass some along to my daughter and daughter-in-law so I had quite a few of them.

The pretty candy colors are so wonderful this time of year and just looking at all those little pleats she pulled her needle and thread through brings back so many memories of her.

She also made the basket that the eggs are in. She was a sewing teacher and taught me to sew along with many other crafts but smocking was something she started after I left home so I never learned that from her. I just have lots of little girl dresses, Christmas ornaments and Easter eggs to treasure and remember her with when I get them out every year.


  1. Chris these are gorgeous! Your mother had such a talent.

  2. I use to make smocks on my daughter dresses when she was a baby. I've never seen smocks in other things. Your mom made lovely ornaments with this technic.

  3. How sweet and pretty. What a treasure to have these.
    Your decorations are really dear. I am so sorry you have been so ill. I have been thinking about you...many wishes for a quick get well and sweet Spring.

  4. Those are beautiful! What a treasure you have from your mom. I've always loved smocking but have never learned.

  5. Oh Chris, these ARE true treasures from your mother! Just as lovely as can be ~ thank you for sharing with us!

  6. What beautiful memories of your mother, and what exquisite work she did!

  7. Beautiful. Quite a treasure you have there.

  8. Wow, these are fabulous! My friend smocks and I'm always amazed at how lovely everything turns out. What a treasure!

  9. OH my gosh. This is amazing. I love anything smocked. Reminds me of my mom too.


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