Monday, December 11, 2006

A Productive Weekend

I had a pretty productive weekend without leaving the house. I love those kinds of weekends. I was able to get the rest of the Christmas decorations up including my Santa collection.

Then I put one by the fireplace. You can also get a glimpse of one of the cat's Christmas stocking hanging there. Both cats have their own stockings which people seem to think is nutty but I'd like to hear from those of you with pets as to how many of you out there have stockings for your pets so drop me a note.

And what could be better on a Sunday afternoon than a snack and a nap on a quilt.


  1. Hi Chris thank you for your comments on my new blog. I love your own blog, the quilts and those cats - I'm quite envious of the completely relaxed snooze they were having on the Sunday afternoon.

    I love collecting quilts, my mother is an excellent quilter I will post some of her work up on my blog someday. I prefer to collect the antique English ones, but I do have some lovely old American ones that I could never part with.

    Your Christmas collections are lovely. I will be posting a picture of my tree up soon.Keep a look out for me in the future.
    Merry Christmas Ginny

  2. Good morning Chris well afternoon actually. That pic of the cats on the quilt in the warm glow I love that. I'll admit Maggie and Jorgie have their own stockings- you bet they deserve Christmas Blessings too and Christmas dinner also LOL.

  3. This is our first Christmas with our new cat. I'm not sure he'll appreciate a stocking just yet. I'm concerned he's going to tear up the tree and cause a hillarious American's Funniest Videos moment!

    I love your blog and decorating style

  4. The first Christmas we were married, 31 1/2 years ago, we had a cat named Buster. He climbed that first tree of ours and down it came. Good thing I didn't have any sentimental ornaments yet. We put it back up and tied it to the ceiling! The cats I have now seem uninterested in the tree or the ornaments.

  5. My cats have a stocking. It's a hand me down from a previous feline family member, Nick. It's very cute, in the shape of a fish with a white kitty on it.
    Your two look very content all curled up for an afternoon nap.
    You sure have lots of Santas. They look great grouped together.

  6. Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by my blog -- this is such a fun way to meet new friends.
    We hang a stocking for our dog every year. She know it's hers and she knows that Santa puts stuff in it for her. I get the biggest kick out of seeing her go by periodically to check and see if anything is in it. At least with kids, they can count down the days . . . for pets, it's such a random event.

  7. Just lovely decorations AND kitties!

    Your quilts are beautiful...such a warm home.

    I found your blog via The Daisy Cottage and will be a daily visitor! Thank you for sharing!



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