Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I Have Too Many Ornaments

I have been decorating various rooms and trees for Christmas and I have discovered I have too many ornaments! I know some of you would say that isn't possible but I have reached my limit. I tend to look for the old Shiny Brite ornaments at yard sales and antique stores and I am especially fond of the ones without the silvering inside from WWII era. I inherited a lot of my Mom's and I am always looking for others. I loaded our tree up and there is not a spare inch left yet still, there are ornaments with no home. But hopefully this will be a temporary problem. We have plans to turn our one car garage into a two car garage with a family room above so my dream is to have a giant tree where all the ornaments will have a home. Perhaps by next Christmas-stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have put some of the ornaments my Mom made in a red bucket on a little chair that I love. My Mom was a sewing teacher and one of the things she taught was smocking and she made these wonderful smocked balls. The great red bucket I got in Maine this past summer-I think it's Chinese-and the little chair came from a yard sale. I am still on the lookout for more of these child sized chairs. Along with a few more ornaments!


  1. HI Chris love the bucket and chair and ornies I'd love to see a close up of the smocked ornaments as I have never seen such a thing before and they look adorable from a distance. How special that they were your Mothers also.

  2. I'll try and get a close up picture of a couple of the ornaments soon.

  3. I'm coming to realize that Shiny Brite ornaments are a hot collectible. I'm seeing them mentioned everywhere including a special on HGTV the other night on Christmas Pasts. I think everyone I knew has Shiny Brite when I was a kid. Who knew?
    I love the little chair too. :)

  4. Who knew Shiny Brite were so popular. Now they'll go higher in price!


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