Friday, October 12, 2012

A Tale of Two Tables

I have been doing a little furniture painting and here's a couple of projects I have just completed. I bought the table below back in 2010 at Goodwill. The price was $5 but it gets better. When at the woman at the checkout pulled off the tag some of the finish came off and I uttered an "Oh". She then said "How about $2?' and I said Sold. So I was going to paint it because the wood was nothing special and I already had too much brown in the room it was in. But I could never get myself to commit to a color until now. 

Then I found the Annie Sloan paint in the color Arles. I am really liking a bit of golden yellow lately and this seems just right. It seems to go with everything. Love this table now and I am glad I waited until I found a color I love. I used the clear wax followed by the tinted wax and I love how it ended up.

Then a little background story on a coffee table I had at my camp. We had a table there that I found but it had a problem. It's legs were cantlevered out and it quickly got labeled the toe breaker. I am pretty sure I broke my toe on it early this summer. Several people kicked that darn table and when one of my grandsons got hurt on it I decided it had to go. So I found this round table which is ok. I'm not totally in love with it and I think it's actually a side table but it was a good height so I bought it in a shop near my camp that has a lot of furniture that gets paint and distressing. Unfortunately the distressing on the table was pretty bad. My husband said it looked like it had been dragged behind a car. So I painted it again.

 I painted it in Annie Sloan Old White with clear and tinted wax finish. Much better. No more broken toes!


  1. Chris, those tables look fab and so different when they have their new paint on. Love the Lake Cottage, I think it looks really warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing. Susie x

  2. Someone else who loves chalk paint! Swoon!
    I love the tables, they turned out great.

  3. Fantastic Work!! Have to laugh, though, it's ok if everyone busts a toe or two on a table, but when one of those dear grandsons gets a bump, things get serious!

    I was given one of Auntie Denise's cedar chests and it is UGGGLY, hmmm, lucky I have a sister who can paint. I'll move it into our theoretical lake house near yours next summer and you can paint it out on my front lawn that I know those two grandsons love to play on. Of course, I do happen to have a terrier who loves to herd kids, so that'll keep them in line.

  4. I love what you did with the furniture! Where do you get the Annie Sloan paint? I have never heard of it.


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