Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

To all who have served our country, thank you. It's been a picture perfect weekend here in NH although a bit hot all of a sudden. That's how we roll around here-skip spring and go right into summer. Anyway, since my husband's work with veterans requires a lot of his time this weekend, I have been doing some sewing. This is a quilt from a pattern on the Moda Bake Shop blog. It's called Twin Nine Patches and you can find it here.

It's made with Arnold's Attic fabric that I got last year and I just love the browns and oranges with the blues and greens. This will have a border too out of a wonderful leaf print from this line.

 I also finished a table runner and a table topper that I just have to quilt.

I am now off work for the summer so I am looking forward to this time to rest up and enjoy the NH summer and sew a lot.


  1. The quilt top looks very pretty. I would not have thought the color
    combinations would go together. I'm always amazed to see the different color & print combinations that go together so well. I like the table runner too. Very pretty.
    My sister has the summers off too. I get so jealous of all you who have summers off. I work in a public library. Summers are our busiest times! Happy quilting. Can't wait to see what else you accomplish this summer in the way of sewing.
    Happy stitching!

    Kay in Kansas

  2. Gorgeous fabric and a very pretty quilt. I don't know if I'd have seen the possibilities in that line of fabric, but seeing it together, it's just beautiful!!

  3. Oh, my! Two magnificent projects with terrific use of fabric!

  4. I'm curious about the topper. There appears to be a line of stitching around the perimeter. Is the backing already sewn on or is the stitching simply to stabilize the top?


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