Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Expert Shoveling Crew

Another day (this past Friday), another snow storm. Seems to be how our life is going here in New England. I hear there's a big one coming the middle of this week. Woo Hoo! No fear-I have an expert snow removal team.
Grandsons Carter and Jackson love being outside no matter what the temperature is.

This is the pile of snow at the end of my driveway. We are the last house on a dead end street so all the snow from the street ends up here.

You could lose a grandson in here! My 2 kids used to love to play on these piles when they were young.

 And here's the whole crew with their foreman, aka Ga, having some fun in the snow. So that's the rhythm of our life here this year. No complaints for now as I have had a number of snow days from work which I love. Bonus sewing days-always a good thing.


  1. What an adorable snow removal team!! I wish we'd get some snow, although not as much as you've been hit with, I would like some snow and cold weather for a bit. Be safe and stay warm!

  2. you definitely have the cutest snow removal team! what great pictures and send some snow to ohio, we could use more!!! have a great day!

  3. OMG! Please, please, please let me hire your snow removal team! Even if I didn't have snow, I'd want to hire them!

  4. I love the pictures!! My boys wish they had so much snow to play in :) We live in Florida and I recently posted a video about my boys first experience in snow......but it was still not close to as much snow as you have! Enjoy :)

  5. Wow... those kids are building memories that kids from the south will never know. I've NEVER seen snow like that!!!

  6. We've definitely had more than enough snow in New Hampshire this winter... and January isn't even over! I do like your snow removal team. I remember having snow piles like that at the end of our street when we were kids. They provided hours of play. Amazing how we didn't mind the cold as much then!

  7. Ohhh Ohhhh but Carter and Jackson are so cute out there working on the mountain of HOLY COW look at the snow!!!

    *(and yes I meant for that sentence to runon)


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