Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where I've Been

I have had a wonderful week away at a NH lake. I love being home but sometimes you need to get away to refresh and recharge. This is what I did on my week away.

Went to a wedding. That's my daughter on the left and the other two young woman were bridesmaids in her wedding.
Friends for life.

Enjoyed the wedding festivities in an ocean front location with a spectacular sunset.

Set out the next morning for this camp on a lake near us. This belongs to friends of ours. It has been in their family for many years and is 100 years old this year.

Watched a grandson catch his first fish. He declared we were supposed to eat it but we didn't thank goodness.
We set the poor sunfish free. 

Meanwhile, his baby brother had no fear of water and regularly walked out a little too far for his Nana's liking.

We had visitors every night including this loon, an eagle and a blue heron. The eagle was BIG!

A little boy learned to sail and loved it.

And sunsets every night. It was nice weather at the lake all week so it was refreshing to escape all the heat we've been having at our home. It has been a hot, hot summer here and everyone is just a bit weary of it.
We don't usually have such hot summers in New England.

And we learned a valuable lesson this week at camp; never ever and I mean NEVER give a three year old s'mores at 8:00 at night. It's not a pretty picture when the sugar high hits right when you want them to go to bed. Heed my warning. 


  1. beautiful pictures of memories in the making. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful trip you had - thanks for sharing the memories.


  3. Wow, what a beautiful setting and it looks like a fabulous time. The grandkids are adorable and it must have been a thrill to see him catch his first fish. I will remember no smores late at night with my grandson - thanks for the warning. They have to much energy as it is.

  4. Fab pics of everyone. What lovely little grandsons.

  5. nice photos, looks like a little slice of heaven!


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