Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ah......Spring in New England

We had a little snow last night-not much, just about 4 inches. But it was was very heavy and wet. We were startled awake at 4:00 am by this.

This is was what we thought was a healthy, strong maple tree but the wet snow was just too much for it and it split in half. Luckily it didn't fall towards the driveway where the two cars were but fell on the lawn, barely grazing the house.
It missed my brand new front door.

Any bulbs that were poking up through the ground are now under the snow along with bushes being buried in snow.

So all you bloggers out there publishing pictures of your flowers, please stop. It's just cruel and inhuman punishment for us poor New Englanders. I promise not to publish how beautiful it is in the summer here while you're all dying of the heat and humidity.


  1. lol! I'm looking out my window at my Zinnias~ but, just hearing on the TV news Sunday our temp. will be in the 30s~ thats crazy! I need to get the bed sheets out~ I'll have to cover all my flowers! I'm cold looking at your snow...burrr!!

  2. Oh my goodness that looks too cold for this Florida girl. The poor little flowers that were poking their heads out of the ground must just be so confused. Stay warm.

  3. Wow, thank goodness it missed your door. All my bulbs are under the white stuff too, but hopefully it won't last long and Spring will be back.

  4. Oh my - that's a lot of snow to take down such a larger tree. I did have plans to show my first roses . . . maybe I'll wait a day or two *s*

  5. Oh,Chris, you DO have snow! Well, it's beautiful, anyway. I just hate the way wet snow breaks trees. That's usually the kind of snow we get down here in March if we get any at all. I'm sure it'll melt and spring will be there soon!

  6. Your poor tree! Luckily it missed your home & cars. Very cold & windy here tonight and we are expecting more Snow!!
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  7. In Maine we got over 12 inches and were without power from when I woke up until about 7 tonight. My phone was off most of the day too so I couldn't even call to report it.

  8. I am so sorry about your poor tree! We had a dusting here not as much as you. The little buds and flowers that had sprouted must be so sad now. : (
    It has been coudy and cold and blustery for 2 days now and is to say that way for several more. No sweet Easter clothes Sunday! Sweaters and such will be de rigour!

    Keep us posted about that precious baby! We will all keep everyone on our prayers and thoughts.
    I KNOW you are excited!


  9. I loved your comment on my blog in light of this post!! Yeah, don't worry, I'll post some photos of my shriveled up yard this summer, it will be HOT here and dry and basically unbearable. Be sure and come by and gloat, ok? :)

  10. Oh Gosh! I am so sorry about that. We had a pear tree that befell a similar fate a couple of years ago and we feared losing it - but this year it acted like nothing bad had ever happened.

    You will have lovely Spring weather before you know it and hopefully our teaser pictures will only help to heighten your enjoyment.

  11. Strange this Easter with the snow!!! Easter best wishes:))))

  12. We got the snow all the way down here in Virginia and it buried my daffodils so I feel your pain. But your pix, however turbulent, are beautiful.


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