Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pink and Brown Wonderfulness

I took part in the Pink and Brown Swap this month and my awesome swap partner was Joolz. Since stupid me didn't take a picture of what I sent you can see it here. Anyhoo, my package arrived today and I love it. It included a brown and white dot mug, brown and white dot ribbon, a great pink towel, a striped skirt (it almost fits-it will fit by spring since I am losing weight), pink and brown yarn, wonderful note cards with the great pink and brown ribbon-love it, cat treats-Oscar and Penny say thankyou, a tin of buttons-they look vintage and I love buttons-I especially like green buttons, and fingerless gloves which are just beautifully knitted and I will treasure. Now let me tell you why I love these gloves. I work in a building that was built in the 1800's so heat on these below zero days we have here in NH is spotty at best. So in my office it sometimes gets really cold as it has this week. It's a pain but I love my job and I have an awesome office. I wear a wool shawl at work on those days but I was thinking, as my hands ached from the cold this week, how nice it would be to have fingerless gloves to type with so I vowed to try and find some. And then the wonderful Julie must have read my mind so thank you Julie.
Now why is she sniffing the gloves when there are cat treats?


  1. Awwww, Chris, I'm glad they fit and it looks so cute on your hand! I hope you enjoy everything and you were a fun swap pardner :-)

  2. Gorgeous gloves! I love fingerless gloves as well -what fantastic colours!!

  3. What a wonderful package! I love those gloves...pretty and so warm.
    I Loved the box YOU sent as well...that quilted runner was gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful Thursday...

  4. Your gloves are beautiful. My DD is doing a lot of these gloves now and I hope I receive some too...soon.

  5. I knew of the pink and brown swap and you're the first one who's new treasures I've seen. You received such great stuff and what a thoughtful partner to think of sending the kitties a treat too.

  6. Fingerless gloves for the office - inspired.

  7. What a great group of gifts. Love all of them. You're going to love those fingerless gloves at work--you can stay warm and look pretty at the same time! Have a great day, Chris.

  8. What a great package! I was lucky enough to see those gloves before they were mailed and that is some wonderfully soft yarn! :)


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