Thursday, January 4, 2007

First Thrifty Find of the New Year

I made a trip to my favorite consignment store and the jar of buttons is what I found. I don't need this many green buttons but they were so cute all together in this little canning jar. I love red but my next favorite color I have liberally sprinkled throughout my home is green. Must be why I love Christmas too!

Speaking of Christmas, all the decorations, except the tree, are put away. I can't seem to get myself to take the tree down. I love looking at the ornaments and love having it lit up when I am in my family room. My Mom used to leave our tree up until the 12th day of Christmas, January 6th, so that's what I think I'll do too. Hopefully the motivation to take it down will be here by then!


  1. I used to take my tree down the day after Christmas, but that was when I was putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Now, we wait until the kids are out of school (usually the 18th or so) and then put the tree and leave it up till Epiphany. Makes Christmas seem so much better.

    Cute find too. I'm going thrifting tomorrow. I"m on the hunt for a pink floral flat twin sheet that I can use for a table cloth for a babyshower I'm hosting Saturday. Wish me luck!

  2. Love that shade of green -- it's soothing somehow. Reminds me of my grandma *s*

  3. Everyone's been thrifting but me :(
    I'm so tempted to go but torn between that and somethings I need at HomeDepot. Life is full of such difficult decisions.

    I love green and find it very easy to live with and it really does look great with touches of red or even pink. I think that jar of buttons would have "spoken" to me too. It looks perfect along side the canisters.

  4. Hi! I stopped by your blog after finding the link on Susie Q's. Love your little jar of green buttons...really a pretty green color.

    I looked though some of your earlier posts and adore your cat pictures. Your calico is a beauty!

  5. Amazing thrifting finds. Love those tins so much.

  6. Great finds I'm heading out today myself now that I'm feeling alot better.

  7. I love looking through consignment shops too - your buttons were a great find!

  8. What a sweet find! I love that color...looks so good on that shelf. I bet you had fun looking huh?

    My tree is still up. It comes down tomorrow and that always make s me a little sad. Silly huh?

    Have a nice weekend!


  9. love the jar of buttons you have bought. It would look good at my place as the living areas are decorated in pink and green.

    I'm tempted to go to a local thrift store this week and see if i can be so lucky to find something special.

  10. I'm loving green lately, too. Seems I keep picking things up in that exact shade!

  11. Our tree is still up too! I did take down the decorations off it, but make the error of leaving out the box, and my children have put them all up again!


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