Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back to Work

I've been on vacation these last few weeks from my job outside the home and unfortunately my vacation comes to an end as of Monday. I'm lucky enough to have a job that gives me generous time off around Christmas and during the summer but it's back to work for me now. As you can see my supervisor, Penny, has been keeping an eye on me. She is a very social cat and she follows me around the house pretty much all day long if I am home. I wish I could bring her to work with me. Or even better-I wish I could just stay home all the time. I used to be a stay at home Mom but once the kids were in High School I went back to work part time and I've been working ever since. But there's that part of me that loves being at my outside job and visiting with my friends at lunch everyday. We have a name for our lunch group too-we are the "Ladies of the Round Table" only because we are women and we sit at a round table! We solve the world's problems from 12-1 Monday through Friday. I thoroughly enjoy being with these creative women at lunch everyday. The numbers vary from day to day but it is usually about a dozen of us. Most of us work in different departments at work so we don't see each other during the work day but at 12:00 it's fun to get together and just talk and commiserate. Talking and commiserating with creative people-hey it's sort of like all of you out there in blogger world!


  1. Pretty Penny! I love a calico cat...they're always so pretty. Years ago when I lived in Indiana, we had neighbors with a Calico cat and it was a male! Evidently that's unsual.

  2. Your supervisor is a beautiful lady!! Bet she is great to work for..: )

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Pretty Penny looks like a very competent supervisor! Though not a calico, I have the same sort of supervisor everyday. Love your 'Ladies of the Round Table'--what fun!

  4. Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend before getting back to work! I hope you've had a nice, relaxing break:)

  5. Lovely calico cat... (Mine are the same - My little boy cried when he was locked out of the stewdio yesterday - but my GF is allergic...) I too want to bring mine to work... (I would probably get more done!)

  6. I'm sure Penny will keep a firm hold on everything while you are at work *s*

  7. To have good friends at work is to have a good job. I use to look forward to lunch just so I could visit with my friends. Have a good day back at work.

  8. Penny is a real beauty. My little female cat is only social on her own terms but she does occasionally sit beside the monitor to keep me company.


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