Friday, December 1, 2006

A Crafty Family

As I gather and sort all the Christmas decorations to put out I seem to come across not only the things I have made over the years but also many things my mother and aunts have made. So here are the Christmas stockings my Aunt Irene made many, many years ago. She not only made them for me but for my Mom and Dad, my sister, our boyfriends, my children and all my cousins. So when my kids got married I was able to pass along my Mom and Dad's stockings, who had passed away, to my son in law and daughter in law with their names stitched on them. My son and daughter in law are expecting their first child, my first grandchild, this Spring so my daughter decided that a stocking for the baby was in order so she went on a quest to find the pattern. My cousins, whose mother was the original creator of the stockings, did not know where the pattern was. She did manage to find the pattern by bringing the stocking to The Elegant Ewe our local knitting store and they had the pattern. So a tradition continues in this crafty family.


  1. What a great tradition! My mother made stockings for us when we were kids. They are still at her house since we all go there on Christmas day and she's added ones for the fiances and the 6 dogs. (yes SIX dogs ha ha) I think that for next year I will make stocking for my fiance and I since it's our first married Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration and your stockings are wonderful.

  2. Beautiful stockings with such a nice story behind them.

  3. Chris, I'm thrilled that you've started a blog!!! I can't wait to keep up with you and your ideas and projects...thanks for letting me know! Have a wonderful weekend, dearie!

  4. It's a great tradition! My family also has knitted stockings. Mine is over 50 years old. My Aunts knitted them for us. Now that they are gone, I was looking for a pattern too. I found a lady on ebay that would make the stockings for me! Now our tradition can live on!


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