Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Day, Another Snowstorm

I hope the first day of Spring does not look like this at your house. This is part of my backyard. It has snowed and snowed this winter and we are supposed to get more according to the weatherman. I really want to get a hold of that ground hog. So to take my mind off winter I have been doing some sprucing up around here.

I finally turned my son's old bedroom into a guest bedroom. Very simple with cream colored walls as it is a very small room. I love gallery walls and decided to create a couple in my home. I am a collector of anything framed and I had a lot hanging around so I had fun gathering and deciding what would go where. Pinterest is loaded with inspiration, by the way. And there is my Scrappy Trip quilt all done. It's perfect in here.

This one is in my family room. That watercolor in the center has been in my family forever. My Dad got it somewhere and there are pictures of me as a child with that in the background and I am turning 60 this year so it has some age to it. The painted tray was a wedding gift to my MIL in 1946. The lighthouse is a paint by number that my FIL did in the 60's when he was ill with Lou Gehrig's disease. He passed away in 1965. It's fun to gather mementos like these in one place. I think that's why I like gallery walls so much.

And here is a wall I did in our little lake house. Again made mostly with old family photos from both my husband's and my family.

I have also been gathering ideas for my next sewing project and I think it is going to be this. I adore scraps quilts and and I still have lots of scraps. You would think making scrap quilts would get rid of the scraps but they seem to multiply!


  1. Your guest room looks so pretty and inviting and I love your wall hangings/groupings. Can you visit my house next, haha. Actually you might want to visit - we have more spring like temps and certainly no snow. However the wind is supposed to howl today. Hugs and I hope you see spring soon!!

  2. You guest room looks nice love how your scrappy quilt came out.

  3. Love your groupings and your scrappy quilt. From your posts it seems you just started it. You are a wonder. Love your blog and your pics. Can't wait to visit again. Happy Stitching.

  4. My daughter began spring with snow too. Your rooms look so inviting.
    You spent your indoor time to best advantage.

  5. Dear Sister, Would you kindly please stop (1) being so darn creative and (2) getting so much done in a day. It's really starting to get on my last nerve.

    And, WOW it all looks fabulous! Good job, you have such a wonderful natural gift and you use it well.

  6. It looks amazing....what's the secret to getting the kids to LEAVE!

  7. I love the I envy you your talent!! Te room is so pretty and welcoming! LOVE the wall decor!

  8. Your way of decorating is so wonderful and oh, that lovely quilt on the bed ... Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love Love Love the way you put the items together on the walls. Can you come do this for me? :)


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