Monday, May 21, 2012

Swoon block #3

I have completed block #3 for my Swoon quilt and again loved making it. But when I got done I thought the center was boring. So I changed the center.
While I love the green Amy Butler fabric I was using in the center star, it couldn't hold it's own in the center of the block. So I pulled out some scraps and came up with this 4 patch. Much better. The other two blocks I made were fine in the center because of the particular fabrics I used, but this one needed a little nudge. It's so much fun gatherings scraps. You get to visit again with favorite fabrics. 

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  1. Oh it's still making me swoon - I just love the fabrics you are using and I love the change you made to the center of your current block. Can't wait to see more! Hugs Chris!!

  2. You are so right - the four patch looks great!

  3. I like the block either way! Reminds me of strawberries!

  4. just found your blog and couldnt resist it because of the name. My daughter Emily has the same problem with her cat Tiberius always sitting on her stitching. Love the colours here . looking forward to seeing more


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