Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Problems

Well thankfully we had no problems with Irene in my part of NH. Neighbors lost some trees but we fared well. Northern NH and Vermont got hit quite hard with flooding and there are still many roads closed. My husband and I have been in Philadelphia and went by Patterson NJ where it is still flooded and even from the highway you could see how high the water continues to be. My heart goes out to anyone who was affected.

The reason we were in Philadelphia was for my husband's great aunt's 108th birthday. She is amazing. People, she has perfect skin. Smooth and lovely and I asked her how she looks so young and she replied, "Chocolate, no spouse and no kids." She was never married so no husband or kids and she loves her chocolate. We all need to start eating chocolate right now! She was ahead of her time as she was a working woman when it was unheard of. She worked for the YWCA her whole life.

Since we never lost our power from Irene I got some sewing done on Sunday.
I got all the vertical panels of my Stems quilt sewn together and I love it. Now just need to out on 2 borders and this will be done. Be sure to check in on Tuesday as I will be having a giveaway. 


  1. 108 that is amazing! She sounds wonderful!!! Love this quilt! it is just gorgeous! Great way to use up scraps!

  2. Glad to see that the hurricane didn't cause you problems to speak of. So we have another blogger and quilter in the family? Looks good!

  3. I like your Stems quilt; very neat background fabric you used.

    For us, biggest problem from Irene was lack of drinking water (could not drink our tap water without boiling it first) but fortunately that just got lifted this afternoon.

  4. Wow - 108 - how amazing. Hope she enjoyed her birthday. My skin should be like a baby's bum then - lol. Perhaps I should ditch hubby & kids and just keep on eating my chocolate. I love your leaves quilt - looking great xx

  5. Yes, this quilt will look just fine on my bed in your lake cottage.

    I think the no husband and kids is Aunt Greta's ace in the hole. If it were simply chocolate we'd all look like a million bucks.

  6. Your Aunt sounds like an amazing lady and to live to be 108, that is truly amazing and I bet the changes over her lifetime are amazing to her as well. Glad you didn't lose power and made it through Irene unscathed!!

  7. I figure I'll have to live to 200 in order to use up all my fabric. Now, what to do about the husband and kids....
    Great progress on the quilt. I can't wait to see where you go with borders.

  8. Oh I Love her philosophy - since I've already acquired the spouse & kids I'll have to indulge in lots of chocolate for things to improve -LOL
    Your quilt is exquisite- a wonderful combination of fabrics.

  9. So glad to hear all is well in your corner. Definitely thought about you while watching the news!
    The quilt looks beautiful. Lovely work!

  10. the quilt is so pretty; glad you fared well during the storm. We can start the chocolate (like we haven't, already) without feeling guilty now!!!

  11. I'm so glad that Irene spared you all...108 is absolutely amazing! You have wonderful genes! Your quilt is looking awesome! LOVE it!

  12. No kidding, 108? That is amazing! Love her input on youth, too! LOL!!

    Your quilt is gorgeous! The colors all look so fresh together.

    Happy sewing!


  13. I love your Stem quilt-- so so sweet! What an honor to know and to be able to share in your hubby's great aunt's life. She must be an amazing person!


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