Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Christmas Quilting

Well, I've been gone for a bit from blogging. Not for anything fun either. Just basic work and busy-ness. But in the meantime I have made progress on a couple of little quilts I am making for my grandsons. First up is grandson #1 who LOVES Toy Story. He was Woody for Halloween.

I found the Toy Story fabrics mostly on Ebay and the rest is from my stash.
Then Grandson #2 is getting a sock monkey quilt. I also am going to make a sock monkey to go with it.
Both quilts were quilted with this fun spiral design. Bindings are attached and will be hand sewn to the back this weekend.
And my oh my-what is this? I bought myself an Accuquilt cutter. I have been wanting one ever since I tried a friends. I have arthitis and it is especially bad in my hands lately. Rotary cutting was bothering me and my accuracy was not so great so while the Accuquilt cutters were on sale at JoAnne's this week, I bought one. Happy Christmas to me! I'll let you know what I make first.


  1. Those are so cute. Now I suppose you will have lots more pieces to sew together. I think that might be frightening. I have plenty just by drawing around a template and cutting with scissors.

  2. Well Happy Christmas to you!! That's awesome! I'm so glad you treated yourself to Accuquilt Cutter! I think it's going on my list to Santa. Love all your quilts. Very sweet!

  3. Cute quilts. You always do such neat things. Can't wait to hear how you like the accuquilt cutter. Been thinking about one, but not sure if I'd like it or not. A friend mentioned she thought it would waste fabric, not sure why she thinks that. Tell us more as you use it please.

  4. Darling quilts - they are sure to be loved.

  5. love the Toy Story fabric and you can't go wrong with Sock Monkeys!! congrats on the finishes

  6. Oh my gosh these two quilts are PERFECT. Love them to pieces. You're the best grandma aren't you?

    Look forward to watching all the fun you have with your new Accuquilt cutter. That's such a great treat, Chris! Very very excited for you. Have the best day! *karendianne.

  7. What cute quilts--the kids will love them!


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