Monday, October 11, 2010


While I love NH, Vermont is pretty darn pretty too. One is right side up and one is up side down-do you know which is which? Anyways, I got to spend the weekend there with hubby who was celebrating his 35th college reunion and these pictures are from around Stowe, VT where we were staying.
Despite these pictures, the foliage was past peak. If it was peak you'd see many more reds and oranges but it was still really beautiful. I kept seeing the colors and in my mind putting them in a quilt. I love making fall quilts.
The Von Trapp Family Lodge is in Stowe but we didn't get there for a visit this time. It was a bit cold in Vermont this past weekend but I came prepared with winter gear. Pretty soon there'll be snow in these mountains. Until then, I'll enjoy the foliage around my home which is nearing it's peak. 
And I don't know what kind of signs you see on your highway, but this is what we see here. This picture was taken in NH but we saw no moose on this trip. Don't you just love fall.


  1. I loved our time in Vermont - hopefully we'll return again soon. In the meantime, colors are just starting here. The changes are definite each day. The season is fleeting which is too bad since it's the best one.

  2. So pretty! I have only been to Vermont in the summer but it was pretty then as well.
    The fall colors of sugar maple, aspen, and sumac are one of the things I miss, Oh, we have Japanese maple and golden gingko but not at the same time and with less variety. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Absolutely lovely scenery. Thanks for the photos of beautiful Vermont in the autumn.
    Here in Iowa, we see mostly "watch out for deer" signs and occasional "cow crossing" signs.

  4. WOW! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've never been to Vermont so thank you for sharing some gorgeout photos of the foliage. I have been to the Smokey Mtns of Tennessee and they are certainly gorgeous there as well. Would love to get to the Vermont/NH area and see the fall colors someday.

  6. It is beautiful up there, ours are turning now.
    I have not been to Vt in years, always end up going to NH, since it is closer.


  7. I lived in Vermont last year while I completed my Masters, and it was such a fantastic experience. I miss it, especially during the fall leaf season -DC doesn't have the pop that VT does!

  8. Oh my goodness. That first picture. Sigh. Can I just MOVE into that house? So beautiful. :)


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