Monday, June 28, 2010

In Our Last Episode....

...Chris was in Maine here at our cottage.
It was nice and hot at our home in NH but cool breezes were the order of the day here. It was gorgeous. We'll be going back soon. Since I've been home I've been busy and finally got back to the sewing machine to sew the smaller version of Imagine from Carrie Nelson's fabulous book Schnibbles Times Two. Here's the large version I finished recently.

It has since been quilted and is waiting for binding. And here are the beginnings of little sister Imagine. The big quilt has 9 inch squares and the small version has 4 inch squares to give you some perspective.

I'm using a layer cake of Fig Tree's Mill House Inn that I've had for a while. I also had a bit of yardage of the yellow background and will have to pick up some backing when the time comes. So I'm enjoying my summer off from work but time is going so fast! I'll savor each day until it's time to go back to work in August. Hope you all are having a good summer.


  1. wow! both of those are gorgeous, and with the combo of carrie nelson's patterns, and fig tree & 3 sisters can you go wrong?!

  2. beautiful... and I think if I were you, I would spend my entire summer at the lake.... napping, reading, sewing, and eating... oh, how wonderful that would be!

  3. Oh these are both wonderful quilts! I love all of Carrie's Schnibble designs and this is one of my favs.

    Happy stitching.

  4. You are a gal after my own heart! I love your choice of patterns and fabric!


I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
A crown perhaps upon my head,
And a needle in my hand.