Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love This Table Runner!

I've been sewing a bit and after looking through all my table runner patterns I went back to my favorite.

It's one of Heather Mulder Peterson's Little Charmers patterns. Very easy to make plus she gives you great pressing instructions that make it go together easily. The table topper is one of her patterns too. I especially like the table runner because it's the perfect size for my kitchen island.
There's mostly Wiscasset fabrics in here along with some other strays I had.

I told you I like this pattern. I've made it before out of Heather's Rebel Roses fabric.

And here's my fall one. This was made with assorted fabrics I had but it's a perfect pattern for charm squares. Once in a while you need a quick project and I love making table runners or toppers. Next up is not a quick project-I need to make new slip covers for my screen porch bamboo couch-6 cushions worth. I made the original covers about 15 years ago so it's time. I'll come up for air eventually!


  1. Hope you will show us pictures of your progress on the slip covers as you go!
    Your runners are lovely.

  2. Beautiful. I love your fabrics (and colors). Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love these Little Charmers patterns! I use the Little Charmers II star pattern often. It's a quick and easy little runner that doesn't chop up the fabrics, so you can enjoy all the little prints. Love your Wiscasset fabrics!

  4. I love your runners. I think I need a small project like this, to get my muse working again.

  5. Mmm, I love your table runners, too! It's always fun to see things with different fabrics as well. That's an extra bonus treat.

  6. Beautiful...love the fabrics you used!

  7. These are great, Chris - I especially love the tabletopper!

  8. Just popped in to your blog. It's wonderful. Don't you love Wiccaset fabric. I did a quilt in that line a few months ago. Hopefully will post about it soon. Thanks for sharing.


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