Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it Spring?

We had two glorious days on Friday and Saturday here in NH. Temperatures in the 70's and bright sun. Just what the doctor ordered. Then today arrived-rain and in the 40's. Yuck! Anyways, in my quest to inject spring in the house I put up a few spring things.

A spring quilt I made a number of years ago. Hand pieced, hand appliqed and hand quilted!

A basket quilt also hand pieced and hand quilted.
Another spring quilt. I love the tulip fabric on the border. If I remember correctly I bought that on clearance for $2 a yard.
On a mantel. I love egg plates and egg cups.

So hopefully spring weather will be back soon. But knowing New England we'll probably have another snowstorm or two!


  1. I was really certain spring was here to stay after the weekend weather. Well, at least I can hold the fresh memories in my head until it comes again *s* Love your decs!

  2. I am so ready for Spring too. It is our first really nice sunny warmish day here. I really like your tulip quilt. I am so impressed that you did it all by hand. Love it!

  3. Love the spring look. That chicken plate is just the best. I wish I had a mantel to decorate. I did put easter stickers on my front window.

  4. I love the chicken plate and the framed basket block. Beautiful, cheerful displays. Hope you get spring soon.

  5. We had two beautiful days Friday and Saturday, Then Sunday came, rain and high temps 52 degrees in FLORIDA!!!!!!
    Love your spring things!!!!
    Hugs, Fern

  6. I have been so ready for spring for so long. I wish Mother Nature would get her act together soon! I put out my Easter decor out this past weekend. I don't have any lovely hand-made quilts like you have to decorate with. I do have a lovely throw that has a rabbit in the center and vegetables all around the border. I have that draped over a rocker.
    I have a shelf that my dad made for me years ago that I use in my living room that I decorate each season.
    Thank you for sharing your photos of your decorations.
    Have a cheerful day!

    Kay in Kansas

  7. Well, spring is supposed to be here, isn't it? We are having pretty weather today, but it has been cool earlier in the week. I like your spring pretties... I especially love the framed quilt blocks!

  8. Pretty decoraations. My mom and I used to smock dresses for little girls, I did the smocking and she made the dresses. I still have all the patterns and pleater machine. Your mom did beautiful work.

  9. I love those two framed quilt blocks! Are they always out or just for Spring? Your egg place and egg cup collection is darling. What a fun thing to have out for Easter. I have one egg plate from Fiesta Ware and it's bright red. Doesn't really scream Easter to me. lol

  10. very beautiful quilts! The spring bug got me, too. I spent Tuesday washing all the curtains and wall quilts and getting out the spring decorations. Feels good to get winter put away even if mother nature doesn't agree :o)

  11. Such lovely photos and lovely quilts. We're enjoying a beautiful sunny and warm day here today, so nice.


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