Monday, December 21, 2009

A Mail Surprise

There's nothing better than a surprise in the mail and I got one last week. One of my swap partners in the Snowball challenge, Julie, sent me an ornament in honor of the challenge. I love handmade ornaments and I especially like them when they remind you of an event. Every time I travel I try and buy an ornament that reminds me of that trip. When Christmas rolls around and you are decorating, happy memories come back when you put your assorted ornaments on the tree. Some people buy t-shirts, I buy ornaments! So I know every Christmas I'll remember Julie and the snowball challenge! Speaking of which, I have done very little on my quilt. Hopefully after the holidays I'll get to it.

Busy, busy around here and I hope to post some pictures of items I have finished but just can't yet because they are supposed to be a surprise afterall!


  1. That ornament is just adorable! How sweet of Julie to send it to you in honor of our Snowball Challenge. I plan to get back to mine the minute Christmas is over!

  2. what a cute idea!!! and a beautiful ornament.

  3. What a darling ornament . . . that Julie is a keeper *s*

  4. I am a quilter, and I just found your blog last night. What inspiration! My husband helps me, he cut, square, irons and encourages me along the way. We are both in our seventies, and have made quilts for our three daughters, and six grandchildren, and several for ourselves. It is such a wonderful past time, and something of beauty. I have a quilt on the frame now, for a Winter project. I hand quilt mine.


I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
A crown perhaps upon my head,
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