Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Come Down to This People

July 2nd. It's pouring rain again. Daughter, daughter in law and grandson are here and we are trying to entertain each other by building forts. I think we are all slowly going crazy. Thanks for listening.


  1. So so sorry I cann't take some of that rain you do not need that I do need!!!! Thats the way it goes....

  2. Oh my gosh I remember building forts when I was a little girl. What a sweet reminder.

    As for the rainy days, well, we can always pray but by no means do any dancing. That will BRING more rain.


  3. And these will be the times that are most cherished, and bring back memories. Those who go crazy together, stay together!:)

    Kay in Kansas

    P.S. Its been raining here too!

  4. I know what you mean about the rain. We are in Bangor/Bar Harbor for the holiday. We saw sun yesterday. Today just clouds and no rain.
    I love building forts. I can't wait for my GS to get old enough to build them.

  5. That looks like a fun activity, but your post sounds a little desperate! I do hope you have some good weather soon.

  6. I do wish you folks up there could send the rain down here where we are PARCHED!

    Forts are so much fun to play in :)

  7. It was fun though!!! You should've also shown the picture of the 1000 piece puzzle I started and finished at least half of. That's desperate.
    Love, Your daughter!

  8. Just doesn't seem fair . . . . we are in a drought here.

  9. Oh, it will then be a good family bonding. Enjoy!!!


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