Friday, February 20, 2009

A Guest Blogger

Hi-It's Carter here. Since it's Friday I am at my Nya Nya and Ga's house so here's what's going on. It's been snowing a lot here this winter. I love to play outside and no matter how cold it is I cry when Nya Nya and Ga make me go inside.

We had snow here in NH the past two days and is makes the trees look really pretty. Nya Nya and Ga's street looks really pretty today.
This is their front yard. A lot of the snow melted before this new snow. Before, the snow piles were really high over my head. Now they are only about 6 feet tall. Nya Nya gets really jealous when she sees the pictures of everybody's yard with their flowers blooming already.
I helped Ga shovel the neighbor's driveway.
Then it was time to come inside which I didn't like but I got to do some crayon work so that was fun. I ate lunch too which was good. I like to eat anything. So I hope you enjoyed my day so far. I get to take a nap now. (Nya Nya takes one too sometime!) See ya!
Love, Carter


  1. How cute! I love the idea of using a roll of paper for the grands to color on instead of a coloring book. I may have to copy that one.

  2. Hi Carter, hope you're having a good day playing and having fun.

  3. You are too cute, Carter!
    Love, Auntie Caryl

  4. Oh what fun . . . indoor and outdoor activities both look like my kinda play *s*

  5. Hi Carter, what a lovely healthy little person you look to be!
    I bet Nya Nya needs a nap after running after you! LOL. I would.

  6. Carter, looks like you had a wonderful day with Nya Nya and Ga. Thanks for telling us about your day.


I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
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