Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Inauguration

I hope you all got to watch the inauguration. I had to work which upset me because I would have loved to vegetate in front of the television all day and see all the events. But the college I work at was very generous in setting up various places on campus to watch the events. My co-workers and I chose to watch in the lobby of the building we work in. We staked our place early on a couch which is in the left front of the above picture (I'm the one on the close end of the couch, in black). I have to say that watching it with a crowd was very enjoyable and watching with many young adults was especially fun. Plus there was food-what more did we need! It was an inspiring day. I hope there are many more inspiring days to come.


  1. I had a meeting that was due to start at 9:30 which meant leaving the house at 9. Needless to say, we all were late! Everyone stayed home to watch the swearing in ceremony and speech before leavong. It was such a momentous occassion that no one wanted to miss it no matter what her political persuasion. I was not alone in being inspired and full of renewed hope & faith in the future of our country.

  2. It was a special time. I am glad that you got to see it.

  3. We had lunch early and sent the kids out to recess late so they could watch in the classroom. At only 6 and 7 we just watched both men being sworn into office and a bit of the speech but I'm glad our school recognized the importance of the occasion. I don't think I've ever watched an inauguration myself until now!

  4. There were 3 of us huddled around my computer screen here at work ~ there were other clusters of folks at other computers around the office . . . but my one boss kept interrupting with something that just "had" to be done. (it waited...)

  5. What a fun way to watch it! My coworkers and I had a pizza party and watched together in the conference room. It was lots of fun!

  6. Hi Chris,

    I had planned to take that day off just so I could stay glued to the TV. I wouldn't have missed it for anything! As it turns out, I was layed off the previous Friday, so defintely got to stay home and watch. It was a perfect day here - all snowy (6 inches).

    My son-in-law is a Capitol Police and was on the fence line all day, right near the President. He is giving me his invitation to the Inauguration as a souvenier! When I asked him if he shouldn't keep it, he said he received a special badge for that day, so that was his souvenier.

    I am so happy that this incredibly talented man is now our President!

  7. We wait & watch, with hope for here Downunder!


I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
A crown perhaps upon my head,
And a needle in my hand.