Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autumn In and Out

Just a few fall pictures on a beautiful autumn day in NH.

One of my fall quilts.
I love amateur oil paintings and love the fall colors in these.
A table runner made last year.
A vintage quilt top purchased many years ago at a yard sale.

Still not peak color where I live but it's getting there.
My buffet display with the picture of my grandson from last year that my daughter in law took. I call it "Pumpkin Boy" and you can read about it here.

Then there's Miss Penny who has decided that this is her quilt. She seeks it out every day. I like how she matches it but I was planning on putting it away after Thanksgiving. Do you think she'll let me?
I hope your autumn is a beautiful as ours always is in NH.


  1. Miss Penny's quilt has CATS on it!
    She probably thinks you made it just for her!
    Sooz in NV

  2. What glorious fall photos. We are still mostly in the summer mode - a record day of heat on Wednesday. Still the leaves are beginning to fall from my neighbor's trees. If only they turned a pretty color before they all landed in my yard *s*

  3. I love autumn photos of all kinds and these were fun. I think your table runner is especially wonderful.
    Mary Lou

  4. Miss Penny looks adorable on that quilt!
    Love all your decorations.

  5. I adore your NE Autumn! It's all so beautiful and tranquil. I see the little baby in the pumpkin photo with the pumpk'n hat very cute.

  6. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for weighing in on my recent post. Everyone's thoughts and opinions are very valuable to me.


  7. I saw your name over on Pioneer Woman and had a to take a peeksee!

    Love your quilts! And I was taken by surprise that I have two of your yelloware bowls! I've a larger version of your small pink/white stripe bowl, and the one with a lid? I have that bowl with no lid. :)

    I've given up trying to keep cat fur off of anything in my house...big sigh.

    Michelle at Sleepy Cat Hollow

  8. Such pretty quilts and Miss Penny looks very settled.

    Happy Autumn!


  9. Just as beutiful here in neighboring Vermont. Our's is done now - rain and wind this week brought down a ton of leaves.

    I love your picutres and you cat sitting on a quilt made with cats on the fabric!

  10. Miss Penny looks very content sleeping on that beautiful quilt :-) Beautiful fall pictures Chris.

  11. I used to have a similar cat to Miss Penny. She looks as sweet as can be, on that lovely quilt. All of the quilts are beautiful! Thank you for the photos of the trees. We do not get as beautiful a display as you do in NH.

  12. Boy do you bring such great memories back for me. I love NH so much and would do anthing to live there. But the cost stops me. Your so lucky. I finley found you again.....I lost ya for a while......
    Are you the one that had her knee replaced? I had mine done and it is pain......Lyda in Jefferson City, MO

  13. Oh now see - that just isn't fair! I live in California where we have one and half seasons.

    Well I suppose I'll just have to do Fall vicariously through you!

  14. What beautiful fall inspiration!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day.

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  15. Beautiful photos and gorgeous decorations! I really need to make more seasonal table toppers. Your fall color is so lovely.

  16. Great fall decorating pictures! I love that log cabin pumpkin table runner...I may feel more copycatting coming lol!! They sell those gourd jack-o-lanterns at the country loft and I love them!!! Thanks for all the eye candy!!

  17. I love the photo's of your post.The change of colour in the trees and especially the table topper.Happy Fall Regards lYN

  18. You really captured the beauty of the season.Thanks for sharing them. I loved your blog name (from a cat lover, 4 in residency or should I say they allow me to stay with them).
    Susie of The Polka Dot Rose


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