Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer in NH-Time to go to Camp!

Summers are short in NH so you have to take advantage of the short time and savor it all. A tradition around here is to go to "camp", which is what New Englanders call cottages on lakes. It's a pet peeve of mine that some people tear down these beautiful camps and put giant houses in their place. We have a cottage in Maine on the coast but this beauty belongs to my husband's cousin and we had a family reunion there last Saturday.
There's nothing better that driving up the the back of the camp and spying the pond through the trees. It was a cool and cloudy day when we were there.
This camp was built by my husband's grandfather. The deck is relatively new and a wonderful place to sit. It was cool enough to have a fire in the fireplace so some people sat inside near that but I loved looking at the lake so I stayed most of the time outside.
Here's my son and grandson having a conversation on the boat dock. A loon came pretty close at one point-I don't think Baby C will remember but my son got some pictures.
The inside has changed little over the years including the furniture. There's wonderful vintage wicker and a round oak table with press back cane chairs that have been there since the camp was built in the 40's.

So this is summer in NH. We'll be in Maine next week enjoying our ocean front cottage. I guess if it's lake front it's a camp and if it's ocean front it's a cottage. Except Martha Stewart who has a mansion. She probably calls it a cottage I bet! I hope you are enjoying your summer.


  1. That looks wonderfully cozy and just plain fabulous. Martha Stewart can have her mansion -- and all the staff she must have to employ to keep it "just so"! ;-)

  2. What a special place for a family reunion! So much family history. Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Adrienne~

  3. That does look so cosy! How wonderful to have a retreat like that.

  4. What a lovely place! How wonderful it must be to have a place to continue family traditions.

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful place to go and spend time with family...so much tradition and lots of good memories...and making new memories...what a treasure. Have fun at your cottage too.

  6. Your camp on the lake looks wonderful, but I'm longing to see pictures of your Maine coastal cottage - hope you are taking lots of pictures and planning to post when you get home!

    Janet in coastal Nova Scotia, where the fog has come in with high tide and it's cooler.

  7. Chris, how I would love to stay at a cabin like that! So cozy...I would never want to leave! I would trade Martha style any day to that sweet place :)

  8. That sure looks like a lovely get-a-way to me. How fortunate you are to have a place like that to escape to and I know you deserve it after enduring your cold cold winters.

  9. I'd give any thing to be siting on that deck. What a camp....fantastic. Us mid westerns don't know a thing about camps........love it....


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