Tuesday, June 10, 2008

House Renovation

I think with the state of the economy lately people are staying put rather than moving because I have had a few e-mails lately about the addition we put on our house last year at this time. So I thought I would answer the questions I have been asked with this post. The picture below is our house before the work started. We've lived here for 24 years and love the neighborhood. We're the last house on a dead end street and have great neighbors. So we knew we wanted to stay put.
We tore down the small one car garage and had a two car garage built with a room over it.My biggest worry was the transition from the house to the addition. This is the view from our kitchen/living room into the new great room. You have to go up 6 steps but it is a nice wide door and it feels like part of the rest of the house. We have french doors for the winter so we don't heat it if we are not using it.

The view from the great room to the kitchen is just as nice.

In order to save money we did much of the finish work ourselves including all the painting, all the woodwork (we still haven't installed the baseboards), the tiling and finish work on the fireplace, the bamboo floor installation, the house siding on the entire house, the roof and when I say "we" I mean mostly my husband! I did find all the furniture for the room which is all vintage or used.
So here's what it looks like after. We still have some landscaping to do. That's my husband chasing a barely visible grandson, Baby C, up the new driveway.
And after you're done having your 50-something grandparents chase you all over the street it's time for a nap.
To those who e-mailed me all I can say is we are really glad we did the addition. We had really small rooms for gathering before and it's nice to have a big room for large gatherings. We look at it now and it seems like it's always been here. But be warned-it took longer than we expected. We did stay on budget but I think that was due to a good contrtactor.So anyone considering construction, good luck and I'd be glad to answer other questions.


  1. I love the name you've chosen for your blog (I can relate in the battle of the cat hair).

    Enjoyed wandering thru you blog and looking at the beautiful quilts.
    Thank you

  2. Being able to stay where you are comfortable is such a positive move. I wish we had the space to renovate/add-on.
    Can't see the pictures on your post, but the descriptions sound just lovely *s* Glad you survived the remodel.

  3. That is just great!!! Home renovations are so exciting to plan and so enjoyable when done, but oh the part in the middle is backbreaking and sometimes pocketbook breaking too. Y'all did a fantastic job - congratulations!

  4. Thankyou for showing us the after pics. I remember when you were first doing it. It is lovely, & looks very very comfortable.

  5. Great renovation Chris! Such a warm and inviting great room. Sweet photo of your little grandson :-}

  6. I like your addition very much. We don't have a "large" gathering room either and I dream of doing something similar here. Thanks for sharing! (love the pic. of hubby chasing Baby C)


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