Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Jewels

I know some of you out there might have gotten baubles and jewels for Valentine's Day but here is what I got. Aren't they pretty? This is only the second brand new washer and dryer I have had in almost 33 years of being married. The other ones we got in 1976. Those ones are long gone and I have since been using hand me downs from my Mom and Dad but the dryer finally broke beyond what hubby could repair, and he has repaired them several times. So the day before Valentine's Day I went in the freezing rain and horrible driving to get these and they were delivered on Thursday. Nothing was going to keep me from getting to that appliance store-not even a winter storm!


  1. Very nice!!! I am always a fan of the practical yet stylish!

  2. Ooooh front loaders! they are goegeous! happy washing!

  3. Ahhhhh! I dream of having a pair of those ;)

  4. AHHHH!!! My dream W/D!! They are gorgeous! I am so in envy...: )
    I would rather have them then a; the jewels in the world!

    Lucy you...enjoy them!!



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In glory I will stand,
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