Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am Honored to Accept....

Hey-looky here! Someone gave me an award. It was Rose of Quilted Hills who gave me the Spreader of Love Award! Thanks Rose. Now I am going to spread the love a little and highlight some of my favorite blogs so go visit them.

The very first blog I ever looked at was Kim's at One Woman's Cottage Life. She has turned her home into a cottage with an amazing amount of work all while raising 3 little girls along with her hubby. I love looking at her renovation pictures and you will too. She also has some great Scandinavian and European blogs highlighted that are fun to look at.

I also love another Kim's blog, Dear Daisy Cottage. It amazes me how much she does with what looks like a small cottage. She is an artist in staging her home. I always wish I lived in Florida with her this time of year.

A fellow quilter who I love reading about is Libby at A Simple Girl. She produces the most amazing quilts that I love seeing and I am always jealous of her beautiful California weather.

Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage is another amazing cottage decorator in Texas. She has an eye for the perfect vignettes and I love seeing what she does with each and every corner of her home. She must be an amazing cook too from the recipes she posts. How the heck does she stay so slim?

Mary at Little Red House is another blogger I love to visit. She has a beautiful home and publishes wonderful pictures of it. Her kitchen is spectacular and she's a tea lover like me! She's also sick of winter like me!

Cindy at My Romantic Home has done an amazing job of her home on a limited budget. She also is a master at staging little corners of her home. I also enjoy the amazing furniture she has painted so beautifully especially since my house is filled with "Man Wood", aka wood that my husband won't let me paint.

Pam at Pam Kitty Morning is another quilter and someone who just plain cracks me up most of the time. She has a great blog with lots of quilting on it because in case you didn't know she is a CSQ (celebrity stunt quilter). You'll have to read about it and find out.

Nicole at Sister's Choice is yet another west coast quilter and I am not ashamed to admit I have stolen some of her quilt ideas. She has a wonderful eye for color and pattern and is a Miss Rosie Quilt Company pattern lover like me. She's just became a Grandma (sort of) so go congratulate her.

So these are just a few of my favorites so go on over to their blogs and check them out.


  1. Thank you so much for passing this award to me! Wow, just to be included with those other great bloggers is such an honor!

  2. Thanks so much, Chris. I, too, am honored to be among such wonderful company!

  3. What a great award! I will check out the blogs you've mentioned. I love the new look here Chris.

  4. Congratulations! And well-deserved we might add! Thanks for sending us to new and wonderful sites!

    Thanks also for making Kari's surprise birthday such fun!

    kari & kijsa

  5. I visit almost all the same sites as you. I love your blog. I found out about your blog on another one...don't remember who. Congrats on the blogging award!

  6. Such a sweet award and you chose some very special people to pass it on to.
    You are a blessing to those of us who know you through this bloggy world.

    You are a sweetheart.


  7. I'm out and about today visiting in blogland. I love your blog it's so fresh and vibrant. Congratulations on your award and thank you for the cottage lover's links...I'm visiting now.

  8. (((Chris)))

    Thank you VERY much for thinking of me - YOU, my friend, are so deserving of this special award - you have been such a kind and supportive blogger and I am still treasuring my Mary E. book from you and have been very selfishly hanging on to it and not passing it forward because it came from YOU and I want to keep it! ;-)


  9. Thanks Chris! This is so cool! You have named some outstanding bloggers and I am humbled to be included with them on your list.

  10. Chris, I'm already a reader of all but three of the blogs you mentioned. Great minds and all of that huh? I'm off to check the new to me blogs and am excited as I know from those listed that I'm sure to like the new ones as well!


  11. Congratulations on your award (and just to let you know, I did finally post re your recent 7-Things tag...). Thanks SO much ~ Always enjoy my visits to your blog!!

  12. Hi I am the creator of the Spreader of Love Award. It is a joy to see it spreading across your life.

    B @ The Love Blog


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