Tuesday, September 4, 2007

And Speaking of Birthdays....

Since we're on the subject of birthdays lately we'll continue the birthday extravaganza with last weekend's birthday parties. One was held at my house on Saturday for my mother in law who turned 86 that day. We had a wonderful time with many family members. It was so nice to have a big family room from our recent construction project to put people in. We've had two parties in there already and the room is great. Here is the birthday cake that a friend of my sister in law made. He is an artist with frosting.

Then on Sunday my husband, my daughter, my son in law and I flew to Phildelphia, (thankyou Southwest Airline for the free tickets), to visit my husband's great aunt who had turned 104 a few days before. Yes, I said 104! She is an amazing woman. She worked all her adult life for the YWCA and has such a good memory. Just hearing about what life was like when she was a girl is incredible. She remembers going to Fenway Park with her brothers and sitting on the wooden benches they had in those days. Her mind is as sharp as a 20 year old's so it's so interesting spending the day with her and hearing her stories. She is very healthy so I imagine she'll be around for more of her birthdays which is amazing.
And by the way, speaking of flying, this is the first time I have flown since I got an artificial knee fifteen months ago. Well, of course it sets off the metal detector. My surgeon gave me a card explaining why I set off the detector but TSA is not interested in my card or seeing my 8 inch scar on my knee. Instead I have to be just about strip searched every time I go on a plane! My daughter thought this was hysterical and threatened to take pictures of me with the legs spread and arms out being patted down. What fun traveling will be from now on!


  1. Congratulations for those sharp and clever 104 years old. Sorry to know about your knee and the detector. What a world!

  2. Hi Chris, happy late birthday to you! Wow, 86 and 104--your husband is from a long-lived family. I imagine the day with his aunt was wonderful. She can remember almost 100 years! Just think of all the changes that she's seen!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful cake ! Never seen anything quite like it ! You have really had quite a week - amazing !

  4. What an awesome birthday cake...a work of art!

    Happy Birthday to your MIL!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. You mentioned how much we have in common...you can add artificial knees to that. I have two of them. I hope I won't be flying. Anyway, that is a beautiful cake. It is hard to imagine being 104. If my parents were still living they would both turn 100 this month.

  6. That cake was just wonderful. it would seem a shame to cut it. Happy birthday to the Birthday girl. And Special Happy Birthday to a 104 year old!!
    I love the picture of her hands!

  7. Hi Chris! Happy belated birthday to you AND it was so fun reading about your hubby's special great aunt! That is amazing AND wonderful! May she have many more birthdays and I must say the cake is gorgeous!!


  8. That cake is breathtaking! Cake decorating is on my to do list - I've got the supplies......

  9. Hello Chris! You entered my ring givaway and I just wanted to wave at you and see your place:) wow 104? she is like a walking talking history book:) congratulations to you all! I'll be back as soon as I have some more time...I bit a swamped at the moment and will be for a few more weeks.

  10. This cake is one of the prettiest I have ever seen!

    Happy Birthday to all those special family members! Bill's granny lived to be 105 and was a hoot. : )
    86 and 104 is an amazing life journey.



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