Monday, August 13, 2007

I've Been A.W.O.L.

Sorry for the lack of posts but we've been busy around here. I am back to work and we were furiously installing a bamboo floor, which I love, so not much computer time. Anyways, the floor is done thanks to some very good help.

Isn't great that I have a daughter who loves power tools! And don't worry-despite the wrong footwear no toes injuries were incurred. She is a handy young woman. She does a fair amount of repairs and installations in her own old home. Her husband was there helping too. The floor went in easily but these old backs are sore from bending over that nailer. Just when you think it's time to rest I made my husband move some furniture into the room.

We bought the chairs when we were in Maine and the table we bought quite a while ago in a local antique store. It matches the one in our kitchen. The china cabinet we have had for years and the rug under the table used to be my Mom and Dad's.The coffee table I found at a consignment store, the striped rocking chair in the forground used to be my grandfather's and I am going to attempt to make a slip cover with the blue fabric. The great black phone, which I call Big Bertha because it is very heavy, used to be my mother in law's who decided not to take it with her when she moved. It's very difficult to dail a number with those old rotary dails!This craftsman style desk has been cut down so we got it for a good price and are going to use it for a large television. The little table and chairs are for my grandson.

The hearth here is two inch slate tiles which will get installed and grouted at a later date. There will also be the same tiles surrounding the fireplace and some sort of wood trim. We haven't thought that through completely yet.

And here is my sideboard which I have been loading up with some of my many dishes.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour. We are thrilled to have a room that more than a few people can fit in without being on top of each other as they were before in our tiny living room. We are looking forward to many happy celebrations here. Wish you all were here!


  1. Oh my - each of your furniture pieces is just wonderful. There's just something about wood that has been around for a long time.

    Please, please - tell your daughter to keep careful watch over her toes *s*

  2. You've got a lovely house, and you've made all the more special with your remodeling, your furniture and your quilts.

  3. Love that coffee table! I've always wanted a round one but I don't think I have the room. The floor looks great!


  4. It all looks so lovely & comfortable. I am sure you will have many happy times there. Thankyou for sharing, I love to see other people's cosy homes.

  5. Oh Wow, you are the first person I've known to have the same bamboo floor as me......I have it all throughout my house, upstairs and downstairs. Well done to your daughter for laying it......can't wait to check out the rest of your blog, got so excited with the bamboo that I had to leave a comment - LOL!!!

  6. Everything looks just beautiful.

  7. Everything looks wonderful! I love the furniture and quilts!


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