Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Still Waiting......

Waiting-I'm not the most patient person on earth although I have been better in recent years. So we are waiting for Spring to arrive here in NH which looks like it may be a little longer since they are predicting another snowstorm on Thursday like my previous post. Maybe this time a tree will fall on my garage that we are having demolished and rebuilt anyway. Then at least we could get some insurance money out of it.

And we are still waiting for our grandchild to arrive. He/she is now overdue and I can hardly wait to meet him/her. So in the meantime I guess I'll just have to find my inner calm and wait because there's not a thing I can do about it. Maybe some tea in my favorite teapot will help.


  1. Oh what a lovely teapot! I love the color. I'm not very good at waiting either. I'm thinking your new grandbebe is pretty smart, staying cozy and warm until the weather warms up.

  2. Love the tea pot. And, tea is a great idea--calms the soul! That baby will be here soon, Chris!

  3. Tea and quilts and good friends. Enjoy the quiet days you have before spring. Nice to know you will be a Grandma soon.

  4. Congratulations on the grandchild to be. I love your teapot.

  5. Great color you picked for your teapot--I have a yellow one!

    Hope that baby shows up soon!

  6. I hear you Chris, I am the world's worst "waiter"... I've been waiting on something for a LONG time now and it is getting harder and harder to do... I love your tea pot and I hope your spring arrives SOON along with your new precious grandbaby!


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